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Colorful   Impressions. 

 Lasting   Connections.

A community-building event that brings engagement, equality, and inspiration to companies and organizations. 

Collaboration on Canvas - Team Building Workshops in Seattle, WA

Come Together.

Community painting for corporate and non-profit team-building in seattle, wa

Collaboration On Canvas is the perfect community-building opportunity for organizations looking for a creative way to invest in culture. The arts-based shared experience your group needs to overcome disconnect, move toward greater equality, foster mindfulness, and create lasting inspiration and connection to solve the problems we face every day creatively.

Participants receive paint supplies and the opportunity to make an artistic contribution to a group painting. The individual brush strokes build on each other and result in a dynamic, visual statement about the people within the organization. 

Each workshop provides:

  • inclusion and equality through shared purpose

  • Building interpersonal skills

  • Boost employee morale and creativity

  • A therapeutic pause

  • Lasting inspiration 

Each beautiful piece created by Collaboration on Canvas told a heartwarming story about the families that we serve and showed each participant's creativity and artistic vision.  Katrina's ability to facilitate a collaborative masterpiece is amazing!

E. Phillip

Strategic Events Manager,

Mary's Place 

This was a fun and engaging collaborative exercise for our management team and the whole company. Everyone participated and it was a really effective team building activity. Plus, we created a very cool piece of art to commemorate the event.

Andy L.

Director of Marketing,


"Women who use our Day Center come from all walks of life and being able to express themselves through artwork brings joy and happiness to their day. The women of Angeline’s shared that their experience with Katrina was a moment where they can forget about the daily routine of being homeless and can express their feelings through art."

L. Hensell

Program Manager,

Angeline's Day Center

Our Process

Setting the Foundation


The Workshop

The Reveal

Collaboration On Canvas is crafted to align with your organization's vision, goals, schedule, and budget. The first step is discussing your company's culture and what you hope to accomplish through the workshop. Once we take in all of the details, we will recommend a plan and give you the opportunity to provide input. When everything is agreed upon, we coordinate the workshop, provide guidance, and allow everyone to be present and enjoy themselves. Afterward, we give your team the opportunity to gather, reveal the painting, and reflect on the experience.


Ready to get started? Schedule a free consultation today, and let's bring Collaboration on Canvas and the art of connection to your organization!  

"I believe art is utterly important.
It is one of the things that could save us."

- Mary Oliver



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