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Opportunities begin at $2900 and range from a 2-hour single session to sessions over multiple days. All materials are included. (Non-profits, please call for special pricing.)

Team Bonding Activity - Seattle, WA - Remote Team-Building


Every collaborative project is customized for maximum impact. We work with your schedule, your budget, and align the process to your values and mission.

Collaborative Painting - Paint n Sip Seattle

Gift One

Inquire about opportunities to collaborate with another organization. We offer a buy one, gift one model that can build positive community relations and awareness for your brand.

Kakao Cafe seattle - Collaborative art - Team Building Activity


The final art piece is yours to keep.  It serves as a lasting, physical reminder of the collaborative engagement.

"This unique Collaboration on Canvas workshop was a fun and effective team-building experience. Everyone was actively involved and the process reinforced the collaborative culture we foster at our company. The painting proudly hangs in our corporate office." 

Scot. C

CEO of Promium

"Vulnerability is the birthplace of innovation, creativity,
and change."

Brene Brown

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