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To empower and engage people through the use of creative expression.


  • HONOR - we bear witness to individuals and their story.

  • CREATIVITY - we believe creativity is a cornerstone to living a meaningful life.

  • IMPACT - we believe in elevating others.

  • INTEGRATE - community, art, business.

Team Bonding Activity - Paint n Sip - Seattle, Wa

How It Started







The idea for Collaboration On Canvas came to Katrina Sather while she was helping with an art program at a youth shelter. Wanting to foster collaboration and participation between staff, youth and caregivers Katrina placed a large canvas in the middle of the room and invited everyone present to participate and add their individual choices in color and shape.  The resulting canvas was a visual statement that energized the space.  The conversations around the canvas were equally engaging and laid the foundation for Collaboration on Canvas today.

Katrina began taking the Collaboration on Canvas process to various shelters and day centers for the unhoused throughout the greater Puget Sound area.  The process and experience of creativity around a large collaborative canvas has given hundreds of people the opportunity to engage in creative expression in a wholistic and engaging way.  

Collaboration on Canvas began helping a variety of non profits raise funds by donating the original paintings to auctions.  Almost $100,000 has been raised with all proceeds going directly to the non profit that created the painting.  All collaborative participants receive a print of the final painting to keep forever.

Katrina began bringing the opportunity of Collaboration on Canvas to companies outside of the non-profit world. The results have been very similar to the non-profit world: increased engagement, relaxation, mindfulness, and the freedom to enjoy creative expression.

CORE Gallery in Seattle, Washington, held a show of dozens of the Collaborative paintings that have been completed.  The show was a monumental success, with guests attending and witnessing the paintings and the stories represented with each brushstroke. The collaborative process is so inclusive that all guests were invited to contribute to a collaborative painting during the show. 

Throughout the pandemic, Collaboration on Canvas has continued to offer the opportunity of creative expression to non profits and companies via Zoom.  Guests are provided individual paint boxes with all of the  necessary supplies and meet via Zoom to go through the collaborative process.  The resulting canvas' are combined to create one dynamic and exciting collaborative piece.  While we weren't together in the same room, we were still working together in our effort to create and collaborate.

Today Collaboration on Canvas can easily be facilitated via Zoom or in person (following CDC and state guidelines of safety).  The process has evolved to include journaling prompts, story telling and of course collaborative painting.  Reach out today to learn more.

Mary's Place Seattle Collaboration on Canvas Shunpike South Lake Union
Remote Team Building Activity- Collaboration on Canvas - Seattle, WA
Katrina Sather Seattle Collaborative artist - Collaboration on Canvas

Katrina Sather

The people that I meet, the stories that we share, and the compassion that I witness bring a great perspective to my life. I have been honored to work alongside people in various corners of the world. I am most alive when I am in the energy and presence of others as a witness to their experiences.

My interest in the arts goes back to grade school when I wrote my first poem and dreamt of being a landscape designer. Fast forward to roaming the art wing in high school, the first place I remember truly fitting in.  Long days spent block printing, drawing, making jewelry, and sharing ideas with other student artists is a time I will forever treasure.  At night I could be found making handmade paper in the laundry room with my mom's kitchen blender and a bucketful of dryer lint.  (You wouldn't believe the gorgeous paper colors you can make after a good load of dark clothes had gone through the dryer!).

I have been a small business owner, managed individual salespeople, and managed national accounts.  I continued to hone my business acumen as a real estate broker for 15 years. Every business I've been a part of has drawn me back to my deep love of the arts. Whether designing the layout for my merchandise catalog or creatively staging homes to sell, I always found a way to bring in creativity.


I have spent years cultivating my passion for art and community. I'm the founder of Collaboration on Canvas: a purposeful and passion-filled business dedicated to using art and creativity as a bridge for people to connect with each other and deeper within themselves. The arts can provide powerful inspiration and motivation for change. My facilitated artwork is often as much about the process as the final product.

My full breadth of experience leads me to today. I facilitate large collaborative paintings with non-profits, companies, and teams. I also have a robust coaching business working with individuals that desire to live with intention and impact.  Together we uncover their goals, create their wish lists, dive into their core values, and then create practical solutions to start the path toward their own personal legacy. The arts and creativity can be a meaningful part of every person's process.


Everyone's journey gives them a unique perspective and an individual story.  Part of my mission is to engage with individuals and groups to bring awareness, inspiration, and compassion to others. I have had the privilege of bringing art experiences to various populations around the world, including children in Central and South America. Travel and exploration are central to my current work. With a global lens, I view my many endeavors, discovering that our human stories are far more similar than different. I am fulfilled when bringing individuals together to experience self-discovery. I witness strength and resilience in the stories told. People from diverse backgrounds can find a common language that never ceases to amaze me. Creative expression can equalize the playing field, resulting in a reduction of limitations and barriers. I believe that we are all capable of being changed through participation in the arts. Creativity, like people, shouldn't exist in isolation.


I received my Bachelor of Fine Art from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and my Master of Science in Psychology from Cal Southern University. I am a Certified Professional Coach and a member of the International Coach Federation.  A combined background in arts and psychology provides me with a unique perspective as I empower others to find engagement, empathy, belonging, and hope through purposeful and intentional living. My coaching and facilitated art projects invite participants to engage in valuable conversations and bridge the unknown spaces between themselves and each other. 

"I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn't say any other way - things I had no words for." 
-Georgia O'Keeffe

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